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Spring Tips for Homeowners

When snow cover is at a minimum, the mice need to find places to nest for the winter.  One of the most common places they utilize is the outside air conditioner unit.  They can and will find their way into areas such as the control/wiring box of the unit.  Often they will chew on the wiring.

We suggest have our technician come out BEFORE you try to turn on the air conditioning.  It is possible that if the wire are chewed, the unit will fail and a more costly repair or even replacement may be needed.  The technician will inspect and clean out the nests, check the wiring and condition of the unit BEFORE the actual start up.  If the wire are chewed, they can often be repaired and thus facilitate a safe start up.

Also, if your air conditioner has been recharged regularly or even once a season, it means there is a leak in the system and a is leaking into the atmosphere, which is environmentally unsafe.

Following a good maintenance schedule will help ensure proper cooling, humidity removal and efficiency.

Preferred Customer Maintenance Checklists
Cooling and Heating Seasons

Summer Check-up

  • Change furnace filter
  • Check furnace blower, clean blower motor and wheel if necessary
  • Check blower amp draw
  • Wipe off any surface dirt
  • Clean condensate drain(s)
  • Check condition of indoor coil and drain pan
  • Clean outdoor condensor coil
  • Check system pressure – 1 lb. of refrigerant included – superheat & subcooling temperatures
  • Check system amp draw
  • Check compressor windings and amp draw
  • Check all wiring connections and operation of safety controls
  • Check thermostat & connections

Winter Check-up

  • Change furnace filter
  • Check furnace blower, clean blower motor and wheel if necessary
  • Wipe off any surface dirt
  • Clean condensate drain(s) and flush
  • Wipe out combustion chamber
  • Clean flame sensor if Applicable & check flame signal
  • Check blower amp draw
  • Check burner operation & gas pressure
  • Check control sequence & operation of all safety controls
  • Check temperature rise through heat exchanger
  • Check for presence of carbon monoxide in ductwork & space
  • Change humidifier water panel and orifice. Clean or change strainer
  • Check thermostat & connections
  • Clear combustion chamber air intakes & check venting system integrity

Indoor Air Quality Checklist

  • Check heat recovery ventilator. Clean filters & core. Clear intake screens. Clean drains. Check control operation.
  • Replace germicidal light bulbs (if applicable) once per year. Check operation.
  • Clean electronic air cleaner cells (if applicable) & check operation.
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  • CenterPoint Energy Rebate

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